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Landscaping services might be just what your house needs to be the best in show! Expert hands can put plants in just the right place, and give a bit of extra cleanup to really bring out the best in your front yard.

Water is the key to proper lawn maintenance and landscape design. If your lawn isn’t growing the way it should, you may want to have someone look at the irrigation systems. A few extra sprinkler installations could make all the difference.

Landscape construction can also involve the addition of new features. You can get masonry services to construct things like patios and retaining walls, which can both enhance your landscape.

These are only a few services we offer at Portland Landscapes. We also offer monthly yard work, tree trimming, landscape maintenance, debris removal and can help with water features. Portland Landscapes in Portland, OR, is proud to offer all of these landscaping services and more. You should contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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